Learn how we have changed the community in Kenya.

In the village of Uvira hundreds of thousands have been displaced, orphaned and killed. Kids Home International is now working together with the local NGO'S to support Congolese children, aiming to offer hope and a brighter future.  

Facts about DRC

  • Literacy Rate: 67%
  • Population: 73,599,000
  • Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 199/1000
  • Average Annual Income (GNI): 160
  • Over 2 million internally displaced people
  • 1 million people living with HIV and AIDS
  • Over 680,000 children are orphans

Kericho district has a high potential HIV transmission. The HIV prevalence rate in the district currently stands at 10% and AIDS-related deaths are on the increase with a corresponding increase in the number of children being left as orphans. 60% of the population are living below poverty line.

Facts about Kenya

  • 33% of children under the age of 5 are chronically malnourished
  • 1.5 m children are still out of school
  • 2.4 million children are orphans
  • 200,000-300,000 children are estimated to be on the streets

DRC of Congo


In our effort to reach and serve as many poor children globally, we have merged with organizations or ministries in Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi that are consistent with our mission. Our number 1 goal is to strengthen the capacity of families to protect, support and care for orphans and vulnerable children. 


Kenya and beyond


It has been our privilege over the past 12 years to serve the communities in Kenya and see measurable accomplishments, One Child One Village at a time.


In the city of Ruyigi, children roam the streets resorting to begging to survive. About a quarter of children are involved in labour activities.

During the civil war, thousands of children were recruited as child soldiers by armed rebels. Young girls were also abducted into slavery. Psychological scars still stay with many who survived.

Facts about Burundi

  • Population: 8,383,000
  • Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 161/1000
  • Average Annual Income (GNI): 160
  • 35% of children are undernourished
  • 90,000 children live with HIV/AIDS
  • Around 84% of people in are poor, making it one of Africa's poorest nations
  • Around 610,000 children are orphans